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Group Kitesurf Course

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At Tarifa Max Kitesurfing School we can offer you a great variety of kitesurf courses; small groups of 2 to 4 people, semi private kitesurfing course or private kitesurf courses.


Group kitesurfing courses since 1998


Tarifa Max, in Tarifa giving kitesurf courses since 1998...

These 4 hours a day kite lessons give you time to learn, practice and improve all the basics of the sport of kitesurfing with a qualified instructor.

With our experience we have we have developed the best group kitesurfing course of 4 hours a day.

We also offer a course of 3 hours a day if you are looking for something more economical.


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What will you learn?

The group kitesurfing course is designed with beginners in mind. You can sign up for just one day or as many days as you like...



Learn how to steer and control a kite

Group Course: Day 1


On the first day of your kite course you will be taught the theoretical basics of kite flying (mostly with the kite up in the air as it is easier to understand that way), safety measures, and how to steer and control a kite with power using all parts of the window (the zone where a kite can fly). Plenty to learn on the first day!

Slide down the beach using the power of the kite! The first day of your kitesurf course will be full on and loads of fun!



Learn how to control a kite in the water

Group Course: Day 2

On the second day of your kitesurfing course you will get into the water with the kite to learn how to bodydrag. This is an exercise where you move through the water using the power of the kite. We will give you step by step instructions on how to do various body drags. The objective is to get you feeling comfortable with the kite in the water and to improve your kite control and of course to have a great time being pulled through the water!

We will also teach you how to launch the kite from the water which of course is an essential skill!


We also will start some exercises with the board getting you ready to try your first waterstarts.



At Tarifa Max kite school the instructor comes into the water with you

Group Course: Day 3

The third day of your kitesurfing course will continue in the water with the board. The intensive waterstart training begins. We will correct your position on the board so that you understand in detail the techniques for getting out of the water and up on the board with success. After some training with the instructor, who will be in the water with you to help you at each stage, you will start to be able to get the board on by yourself and you'll be well on your way to being independent.



Up and riding!

Group Course: Day 4

The monitor will give you tips to get the waterstart spot on and to improve your sailing techniques. You should start to kitesurf with more control in both directions, and will be able to start practicing the change of direction and how to ride up wind.
You will handle all the techniques to practice kitesurfing alone or with a friend.






Group Course: Day 5

The 5 day kitesurfing course is what we would recommend for anyone looking to learn the sport of kiting. It is a very comprehensic¡ve course and will give you the skills and experience needed in order to continue practicing independently after the course is finished.





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Where is Tarifa Max Kite School?

We are based in the RipCurl pro shop, on the main street Calle Batalla del Salado 76, opposite the bus station and the Repsol petrol station.  see map 


We offer a daily free shuttle service to the beach from the shop in town to ensure you get to the beach as quickly and easily as possible.


Don't just think about it...do it!! And let the Tarifa Max Kitesurfing team take care of the details.

Read our blog! Read our blog and check out the photos from the course.


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