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Kitesurf lesson in Los Lances beach in Tarifa with Tarifa Max kitesurfing school

Happy kitesurfing familly at Tarifa Max kitesurfing school in Valdevaqueros kite beach

Happy faces kitesurfing with Tarifa Max kitesurfing with the oldest kitesurfing school in Tarifa since 1998Tarifa Max Kitesurfing instructor in the water helping at the waterstart level.

Tarifa Max Kitesurfing School has been giving kitesurfing courses since 1998 making us a kite school with a lot of experience with proven techniques to ensure you learn to kitesurf quickly, safely and with a lot of fun.

We are a hands on owner run business looking to give you the best service and value for money and will be on the beach to instruct and ensure the quality of your course.               BOOK YOUR COURSE  / CONTACT / PRICE LIST     


Tarifa Max Kite school at Los Lances beach in Tarifa




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We have a large variety of kitesurf courses on offer to suit your budget and time; we offer group courses (4 per instructor max), semi-private courses and private lessons and you can book from a single day up to a whole week. We give kite courses everyday and you can join a beginner course and learn from scratch or join an intermediate or advanced course depending on your level. We use the latest kitesurfing equipment in the kite course.

In short, you can do as many days course as you like; from 1 day to a whole week starting at any level 


Get you IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) with Tarifa Max Kitesurfing in Tarifa since 1998. Book your kite lesson at info@tarifamax.net

 At the end of your Tarifa Max kite surfing course you'll get your own official IKO card allowing you to go forth into the world as an independent kiter.


     Have a look at the photos of the courses day by day and get all the news in our new blog:



DAY 1 – Introduction to kite flying

- Rig, launch and control small trainer kite

- Safety training

- Rig tube kite in 4 lines and practice controlled launching and landing

- Learn to use harness and de-power

- Re-launch kite independently

- Stand and slide on the beach using power from the kite 

Learn to rig a 4 line kite at Los Lances Beach with Tarifa Max kite school


Getting the technicalities of rigging four line kites


Practice the water start on the beach at playa de Los Lances with Tarifa Max Kite school


Stand and slide on the beach using power from the kite










DAY 2 – Body-dragging and water start training

- Rig kite independently

- Learn to control kite in the water by body-dragging

- Practice a series of body-drags for improved control in water

- Re-launch kite from the water

- Water start training for the first few metres up on the board

 Ready for the water - the kite course gets exciting now!


Get the kite relaunched from the water with step by step detailed exercises with Tarifa Max kitesurfing instructor in the water


Practicing a series of body drags for improved control in the water


At Tarifa Max kiteschool the instructor will come in the water with you to begin the waterstart training










DAY 3 – Up and riding 

- Intensive water start training

- Improve kite control

- Start to be independent in the water

- Kitesurf in both directions 


Intensive water start training begins.


The instructor will come into the water with you


Start to find the correct position for a successful waterstart. Become independent in the water


Up and kitesurfing






DAY 4 – Independence

- Independent in the water with the board

- Water start practice in both directions

- Learn to slow down or go quicker

- Start to turn

Independent in the water with the board, thanks tao Tarifa Max kitesurfing school. Exeperience does makes the difference.Independent in the water with the kiteboard in Tarifa SpainPractice the water start in both dierctionsKeep riding! At Tarifa Max kitesurfing we will check on you with our rescue boat


Price per person

4 hours per day 





1 (4h)

  1 (3h)





2 (8h)

  2 (6h)





3 (12h)

  3 (9h)





4 (16h)

  4 (12h)






*Prices offer for 2 people booking, joining a group course


- Become an independent kite surfer

- Control and sail in both directions

- Learn to break and accelerate

- Improve your technique

- Improve your posture when sailing

- Learn to kite surf in a variety of conditions

- Learn the priority rules of kite surfing

- Learn the self-rescue technique

Kite control on the beach, first step of the week kitesurfing lesson at Tarifa MaxBody dragging in the sea, Tarifa Max Kitesurfing step by step progession methodGetting the right board techniquesAt Tarifa Max kitesurfing school, the instructor will come in the water with you




The one week intensive kite surf course will set you up giving all you need to continue kite surfing the sport safely. We recommend this week course for anyone who really wants to learn and feel secure after the course to go on and kitesurf solo. The course is given over a period of 5 days and you can chose to do 15 or 20 hours per week.


Price per person 




15 hours

 Option semi-private

  Option prvate






20 hours

 Option semi-private

 Option private




 360€  Special offer course of 18h/h 



*Prices offer for 2 people booking, joining a group course

SEMI-PRIVATE KITE COURSE - For a more exclusive service

For those of you wanting a more exclusive service of just 2 people per instructor we recommend the semi-private kitesurf course. In our semi-private courses we can address the individual needs of each student and make faster progress. We guarantee a focused course adapted and paced to your exact level.


Semi-private kitesurfing tailor made lesson at Tarifa Max kiteschoolAll detailed instruction with Tarifa Max kitesurfing school the oldest kiteschool in Tarifa. Our experience makes the differenceDetails kitesurfing water start exercises with Tarifa Max Kitesurfing IKO instructor




 1 105€











- Course adapted exactly to level you need

- Do the course with your own equipment or with ours

- Learn to turn and go up-wind

- Learn free-style tricks and different manoeuvers

- Feel confident

If you have already done some kitesurfing and would like to improve, become more confident or learn some new tricks then we can offer you private lessons. In a private lesson you will be of course one to one with the instructor and connected by walkie-talkie for constant feedback. You have the option to kitesurf with your own equipment in order to become more familiar with it, although the option to use our equipment is always a possibility.

With the course pitched at exactly your level, you will learn very quickly.

Private kitesurfing tuition with Tarifa Max kitesurfing school since 1998. Book your kite lesson at info@tarifamax.netOur comitmitment at Tarifa Max kitesurfing, your instructor in the water with you.Kitesurfing safely with no worries with Tarifa Max Kitesurfing rescue boat.Kitesurfing tuition with radio connection for the best private kitesurfing lesson in Tarifa Spain, with Tarifa Max kitesurfing school since 1998. Our experience makes the difference. booking at info@tarifamax.net


From 55€ per hour including all material, radio helmet, insurance and rescue boat.

(package 12h) 


                Have a look of the photos of the courses in our  blog:


  Your kitesurfing lesson in Spanish intarifa Sapian with Tarifa Max Kiteschool Español Your kitesurfing lesson in French with Tarifa Max kiteschool Français


For any more information contact us:          +34 696558227           info@tarifamax.net 

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The oldest kitesurfing school in Tarifa since 1998, Tarifa Max Kietsurfing, our experience makes the difference. Booking at info@tarifamax.net